The Mission & vision of Living Sanctuary Ministries

We are a public, non-profit organization established and based on Christian principles to provide services to the public at large: particularly the orphans and other vulnerable children; the poor, brokenhearted, captives, blind and bruised.

To fulfill these purposes, the ministry shall:

  1. Establish churches of the Christian religion in this continent and in other counties of the World;

  2. Establish and maintain theological seminaries, schools, colleges, universities, and other educational institutions to equip people for leadership and service in their immediate families, societies and comminities;

  3. Establish, maintain and conduct a temporary and or permanent home for the needy, mentally and physically impede, impoverished, orphans and other vulnerable members of the community, which shall amongst other things:
    1. Provide meals, health care, recreational and educational activities for orphans being raised by older siblings.
    2. Receive donations of children's clothing, and distribute them to children's centers, street children and disadvantaged communities.
    3. Be a temporary emergency home for infants and will be run under the following guidelines;
      1. Accept children under the age of 18 months if they have no families, which are able to care for them, and are eligible for adoption, Strive to find permanent homes for all children in its care,
      2. Under exceptional circumstances, a child older than 18 months may be considered. An example of such a case is where there is a sibling group that should be kept together, and one or more of the children are under 18 months and,
      3. We will recruit international volunteers to live on site for 6 months to 1 year at times to offer whatever skills they can provide.

  4. Establish, maintain and conduct a print and publish media Institute, which shall record, print, publish, purchase, sell, and otherwise disseminate Bibles, books, periodicals, literature, music, and other supplies for the ministry and her subsidiaries or/and members.

  5. Establish, maintain and conduct a social/communal recreation center, which will provide counseling, training and empowerment and undertake advocacy activities aimed at the eliminating amongst other things poverty, crime and violence, and sexual immorality.

  6. Form partnerships with other non-profit organizations, local government and the private sector to fill the service delivery gaps in various communities by providing a range of services that will ensure the care and development of young children, provision of food security, reverse the spread of HIV and AIDS, create jobs and promote self sustainability in poorer communities.

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